Easter Sunday 2013

Those of you woken by the HORRENDOUS noise coming from the Drifting event at the Ruapuna track on Easter Sunday will be interested to know that Council's Acoustics expert ( Stuart Camp from Marshall Day ) informed the recent Plan 52 Hearing that noise from Drifting events "are not a problem for locals " .

Residents as far away as Hoskyns Road  will beg to differ with the "expert" we would imagine . Templeton residents had their Easter Sunday holiday destroyed by a wall of appalling noise that affected properties and Church Services all over the township.

Thanks Ruapuna, for that appalling treatment of a local community. Thanks Christchurch City Council for continuing to ignore this problem by offering up a solution that involves local residents being forced to live in houses that will resemble bunkers .


To Quote Mandy Rice- Davies ....

" Well, they would say that wouldn't they ? "

Those of you in put in submissions opposing Plan Change 52 will be interested to read the Christchurch City Council Planners Review of  Submissions  ( see " Section 42A  Report" ). Sadly, no surprises in this report.

Hopefully you are working on your submission to present to The Commissioner .
We have just over two weeks to go .

Those of you who have lived in the area for over 10 years will remember  what it used to be like before 2002 - 2003 , back when noise was infrequent and acceptable . It is actually important that you bear witness to this . We have heard from Templeton Township residents, telling us that they moved to the area back then because it was quiet  and how angry they are that the noise has increased to the degree it has now. It is important to explain and demonstrate this in your submissions .

Interesting to see that a few people have mentioned the noise levels at the School and Kindergarten ( and let's not forget the local swimming pool ) in their Submissions . Only in NZ could children be  exposed to this kind of relentless noise while in a place of learning or recreation .

Good luck with your submissions , keep them as personal as you like, it is important that residents ( no matter how long they have lived here ) describe what it is like to try to live with this noise and the effect it has on their lives.


Letter to Motor Racing Fans

( Originally blogged in 2006)
This Blog is not anti-motor racing.
This Blog is about Noise & Nuisance
The inescapable fact about most motor racing is that it is NOISY.
In fact it is one of the noisiest pastimes in the world.

For that reason alone we believe that in allowing these liberal noise rules the Christchurch City Council has failed in its duty to Ratepayers in this area to protect us from excessive noise, and that it has exposed us to levels that, at best, have taken away our right to enjoy our properties and at worst, are dangerous.

We don't want to close Ruapuna down.

We have all lived alongside Ruapuna for years and decades and NEVER laid a complaint until we started to be bombarded with Noise every day and every weekend.

You're welcome to check out a noise diary kept by a local resident

We think that even the most passionate Car or Bike Enthusiast would not begrudge us the right to a fair amount of peace and quiet on our own properties, the same peace & quiet you are entitled to in YOUR homes.

Please take the time to read the posts on this site and to educate yourself about this issue.

Do Mentally Ill People Not Matter ?

As noise from the track increases , locals continue to wonder and worry about the " Community House " for mentally ill people situated on Hasketts Road, virtually over the road from the racetrack .

While locals can ( and are often forced to ) leave home for the day , or the weekend ( or during the night when speedway is on ) the poor 'clients' in the Community House ( Birchwood ) are stuck there , forced to cope with noise levels way above recommended WHO levels .

Who is really looking after these people ? Are their families even aware of the noise that their children or siblings are forced to endure every day ? When a neighbour asked a staff member, back in 2008, how they coped with the noise the reply was " I don't have to live here so I don't worry " !

The property housing these poor people is closer than most of the other properties bought out by Council in 2009 . People living further away suffered hugely before they shifted away, depression was the number one illness amongst residents but we all know that 3 people from the other six bought out houses suffered strokes while living there .

Does anybody care about the residents of this " Community House "  or are they going to be added to the long list of people affected by a racetrack & Council which cares little for the surrounding community and is interested only in making as much noise as possible so as to try to prove and hold on to their " existing use rights " ?

"Don't buy near a track then whinge to me" ( First Posted June 2007)

A ( longtime) Templeton Resident recently posted the address of this Blog into a local "internet newsgroup" where people discuss issues, both general and political.

The very first reply after his posting - which consisted only of this Blog address - was this :

" You whinging f****** wowser. You bought a house near an established
motorsport venue so I have absolutely no sympathy for you"
Later on in the 'exchange of views ' it transpired that this person drives race cars at Ruapuna .
( It also transpired that the Templeton Resident hadn't 'bought a house near a motorsport venue' - he'd built his house , before the motor racing venue was out there )

Here is more from the same motor racing driver :

Unless you lived in your present location prior to the first meeting
held there on April 29th 1962 then you knew full well there was a
racetrack in the area before you purchased your property. If you didn't
do your homework before buying there it's you that's the moron. Even if
you did live there prior to this date, you had an opportunity to object
at the time, and at every time the facility has been extended since.
Historical inaction of your part doesn't give you any right to bleat and
moan now. If it will make you feel better I'll send you some earplugs,
otherwise just shut the f*** up because you haven't got a valid complaint.

His response is a common one ( although not always phrased so crudely) from some motor racing fans and it deserves comment on a few levels.

Firstly the use of the word " wowser " , this is a common taunt from people who force their noise onto others. It implies that the complainant has no sense of fun, is just a great big killjoy and is trying to "spoil it for others".
Similar insults/ comments are : " grumpy" , "boring old f**t " " whinging old geezer " " get out and have some fun " etc etc - ad nauseum. People who complain about stereos blaring at 2 in the morning are also often labelled as "wowsers ' or kill joys.
It seems that in the minds of noise fans, if you're not making a noise then its not ' fun '.

Our race car driving friend is right in one respect, many people DID buy homes in this area knowing that Ruapuna was there , although there are elderly people living here now have been here since before Ruapuna and a huge amount of people have lived here for 15 - 20 years , and  longer , they all remember the days when noise was infrequent and the track was a good neighbour .  That said , length of residence is not a factor when it comes to law , if you moved in last week you are still entitled to peace and quiet in your own home !
If it was a consideration then the Templeton Golf Course's "existing use rights" would surely overide the rights of Ruapuna to make noise, because the golf course was here WELL before the racetrack.
The township of Templeton ( previously known as Waterholes) was here for well over a 100 years before Ruapuna was dropped onto our doorstep.

A very big majority of the people who bought homes after Ruapuna was moved to this area did so BEFORE this noise problem started up. As one resident of 17 years often says " we lived here peacefully for 15 years and then two years ago Ruapuna became a problem, a BIG problem ".

Our race car driver is, however, incorrect in saying that people out here had the opportunity to object to the appalling new noise rules.
As many residents out here have commented " If we had known that Ruapuna was applying to change the rules we WOULD have objected - they didn't have the common courtesy to even inform locals through the local newsletter "

Our angry race car driver also seems to think that people living near Ruapuna "deserve" everything they get, what can we say ? ...... its nice to know that our fellow kiwis are so caring

Here are some quotes ( taken from petition forms and from emails ) from people who live in the Templeton Township:

" Noise as early as 9.00 am Sunday mornings - not fair- no peace & quiet dawn to dusk ! "

"No more - enough is enough "

" We do not want to be whiners - we moved into Templeton fully aware and accepting of Ruapuna but every weekend during summer is too much ! "

" ... thank you for organising this, the noise from Ruapuna really has become too much, my children, especially my baby, have trouble sleeping at night due to their excessive noise"

" If noise control think a Sallie Army band is too noisy what would they think of Ruapuna ! "

" I've been forced indoors countless times in a raging mood and often had to move away from Templeton for hrs, for respite. Videos, TV, radio, stereo turned well up have often failed to mask the noise, esp. on w/ends "

Note, these families all live more than 3km from Ruapuna , in the Templeton Village and beyond
Do YOU think they "deserve " this level of noise intrusion into their homes ?
Do you think people should HAVE to wear earplugs, as our friendly race car driver suggests , so that they can enjoy their own homes ?

We don't think anyone deserves this - we think that the Christchurch City Council should have protected residents  and  ratepayers from this amount of noise rather than exposing them to more.

Here's a more disturbing comment from our racecar driver :
" Incidentally, I now feel very tempted to remove some of the (expensive)
noise minimisation measures on my race car the next time I race at
Ruapuna, and I'm sure that after I publicise your point of view many of
my fellow competitors will feel the same way. Our vehicles would still
meet class requirements for noise, but will be noticeably louder than in
their normal race configuration. It might be time to understand that
you don't want to get into a pissing contest with the competitors -
based purely on numbers we will win every time. " 

Yes, we know that based "purely on numbers " - and volume - you WILL win every time.
Your noise will always invade our quiet , we had noticed that too actually .



We will always remember the two men from this community who died while this battle was fought.
Both of whom had the last years of their lives blighted by never-ending and needless noise.
They each lived here for over 40 years ( in houses they built themselves) and were both gentle, considerate, old school and courteous men who would never have forced noise onto neighbours.
To Brian and Bob.


An email from a Templeton Resident

This email arrived soon after a flyer was distributed in Templeton about 6 years ago .
 We are  re-blogging it especially for the writers of the two pretty offensive 
emails sent to us in recent days after a tiny little article
 was printed in the Templeton Newsletter ( October 2012)

We have lived in Templeton village for 18yrs, several kms from Ruapuna motor racing facility. Although often a nuisance we never felt compelled to complain or contemplate shifting. 2-3 yrs ago I gave up commuting to a weekday job in favour of running a small business from home with plenty of leisure time to enjoy outdoors, weather permitting. The true ideal "enviable lifestyle". That first summer was the summer from hell. I had already noticed real increases in noise levels and frequency from speedway.
The crunch was most weekdays were marred by 1 or 2 noisy cars circuiting for endless hrs inevitably forcing me indoors, uptight and agitated. Horrors, inside it was usually audible with windows shut, not pleasant on warm days. My disappointment and frustration could not be printed. A flyer from the caring, compassionate person behind this blog delivered the revelation that this council, incredibly without time for consultation, gave this noise making neighbour ridiculous rights to operate every day for longer hrs and much higher decibel levels.To impose this on residents/ratepayers left me gobsmacked. It was a feeling of shock, anger, disbelief and total betrayal. My wife subsequently had to move to working all weekends to avoid the onslaught she found unbearable.Alas, she often cops it in evenings beyond 11pm. Needless to say having to escape is common for me, once sitting in an empty section 8 kms away for 3 hrs to enjoy some peace. This last summers' terrible weather produced many quiet days but the 2 previous affected my health in various ways, most notably depression. The worst nightmare was the "endurance race" (aptly named) early 2006 which put me over the edge. I was like a raging bull, unapproachable and almost in a murderous frame of mind. Took me days to recover.The noise was simply diabolical, way beyond any acceptable level and often sounding like the track was only 200yds away. Remember, this is in the village. Imagine those poor souls within a km away.For this to be foisted on ratepayers is nothing short of criminal. Yet they call this "sport". My sporting activities sure don't interfere with any rights of others and are health promoting. To my mind it is not sport sitting in a fuel guzzling noise machine tearing around circuits interfering with the lifestyles and quality of life of residents up to 5kms out. Then there are the pollution, climate change/global warming issues. Squandering a finite, imported resource which will continue to rise in price. What about the long term hearing damage to the trackside fanatics? Is that why they want more, louder and longer? Sport???
Of course there are the macho attitudes and egos to feed.That blot on the landscape must undergo a drastic reduction of its noise and frequency rules otherwise it has to go way out or below ground level. It does not belong as motor racing and communities simply do not mix. Also its sited directly upwind from here of our most prevalant prevailing wind. Frankly, I don't give a toss about the $15 million revenue Ruapuna supposedly brings in. Of course the mighty dollar seems to come before people and the council will be smiling but only misery is brought here. Don't see any of those dollars out this way!!
It's scary the rise in popularity of this senseless activity. Every third person one hears of or talks to appears to have some petrolhead leanings or racing interest. This seems to come from a powerful car culture that gives the car God like status, plus it emanates from a society obsessed with noise and to hell with the rights of others. Selfish, wasteful, illogical. Complainants seeking peace and quiet are scorned, seen as having a problem, told to "get a life" or "shut up" or " stop whingeing or spoiling others fun". We will not accept being told to shift away by such people either. Why the hell should we? What is wrong with just being good responsible neighbours.


Christchurch Press Editorial ( Courtesy Press Website )

The decision of the Christchurch City Council to buy noise-plagued houses near Ruapuna Raceway highlights a chronic problem. Noise is a major nuisance in cities worldwide and is not easily reduced, writes The Press in an editorial.
In this Christchurch instance, the solution has been direct and effective: the affected residents will have their homes bought by the council and thereby be freed to move without financial loss to quieter quarters.
In many cities, such generous intervention would be unthinkable. It would be too costly and politically unpopular. Even in Christchurch it is unlikely to be frequently repeated, for much the same reasons.
Public reaction to the purchase has so far been muted but is likely to grow. Christchurch ratepayers are sensitive to the council doling out largesse on such a scale, as the subsidising of Dave Henderson showed.
When citizens reflect on the amount being spent on the Ruapuna buyout, $5.3 million, and the amount paid for the Henderson properties, $17 million, their concern will increase. The track transaction is not trivial by comparison.
Also, it is of the same type as the Henderson deal public funds going to relieve the financial plight of private individuals.
The differences are that this latest subsidy was publicly signalled and not rushed. A working party considered the proposal. Ratepayers had a chance to express their opposition.
Many ratepayers will be sympathetic to the Templeton residents, understanding the degradation home life suffers if subjected to intrusive noise. Close to Ruapuna the noise is unbearably intrusive.
The residents also had a justified grievance in that the city council's easing of restrictions on the use of Ruapuna greatly increased the noise pollution emanating from it.
That easing was aimed at giving motorsport more access to the track, which is fair recognition of the popularity of car racing. But the reduction it would cause to the quality of life of close-by residents should have been recognised. Had it been, their years of suffering would have been lessened and this problematic purchase avoided.
That should teach the city council a lesson in recognising the growing antipathy of people to noise, be it in their homes, in workplaces or as they go about the city. Citizens are far less complacent than they were, recognising excessive noise as a significant pollutant that should be contained.
The council needs to respond more actively to this growing intolerance, with firmer restrictions on noise and a more vigorous response to breaches and to citizens' complaints.
A sign that the city council is taking up this challenge is its intention to seek containment of Ruapuna noise, even though the worst-affected residents will be moving out.
A remaining 19 households are recognised as being affected but have not been offered financial help. Their position needs to be attended to by lessening the intrusion of the racetrack.
The challenge for the council and the Canterbury Car Club is to balance the right of the sport to use Ruapuna against the right of residents to live without the prolonged and loud intrusion of revving engines and squealing tyres.

Editorial - Christchurch Press

(Courtesy of Press Website )
Published 24th February 2006

The letters received by this paper and news stories display a rare upsurge of community anger. Templeton residents are at the limits of endurance over car noise from Ruapuna Raceway – every day of the year, until late at night, and loud. The strength of their case is shown by the failure of anyone to challenge it seriously. The council is pretty much not talking and Ruapuna's supporters rely on two unpersuasive points – that the raceway was there before many of the complainants and that it operates within its resource consents. Neither point recognises that people's wellbeing comes before the letter of the law and prior possession. People are entitled to reasonable tranquility – especially when at home – and the track's noise prevents the enjoyment of that right.
The ideal solution would be for motorsport to shift its activities further out, but that would be expensive. Needed is a practical compromise that has the support of all – if a possible deal involving Fulton Hogan's purchase of the Ruapuna site and the profit-taking track owners shifting to secluded pastures does not come through.
A tightening of permitted noise levels and times of operation would ease residents' discomfort and let the racing fraternity keep their facility. It would not wholly satisfy either side, because the sport would be restricted when it is gaining popularity and some noise nuisance would continue. But compromise would improve living conditions for Templetonians and keep Ruapuna operating. It could be quickly brought about and avoid contentious hearings.
Someone needs to facilitate the compromise – a task the area's local body representatives are suited to. Sensibly, they have begun to do this by calling a meeting of interested parties and the city council. As well, the council has begun to get facts on the table as the result of noise monitoring.
This is welcome but unfortunately a voluntary compromise will probably not be brokered. Residents want car noise completely extinguished and Ruapuna's users are keen to expand their activities, rather than limit them. It is hard to see the sides agreeing on a solution. That means more argument, delay, noise and imposed controls – and then continued dissatisfaction.
Eventually motorsport will have to shift its track to a more isolated venue, as has happened before in Christchurch and is common with race tracks world wide. Car noise and housing do not mix. Intrusive, continuous and loud noise is torture.


A result : ( from Stuff Website June 26th 2009 )

A Christchurch City Council decision to buy seven homes plagued by Ruapuna Raceway noise has been greeted with tears of relief.
A council meeting yesterday approved the $5.3 million buyout of the Templeton homes.
Fay *****, who owns one of the houses, attended the meeting and wept with relief at the decision.
"I am rapt. I cannot believe it," she said.
"We have been robbed of our life. We have been robbed of our health ... It has been a living hell."
****** said she believed councillors voted to buy the properties because it had become a "moral, human issue".
No decision was made on the future use of the properties, which could include reselling them with restrictions on complaints, opening the area for quarrying, using it for raceway facilities or extending the adjacent golf course.
Council chief executive Tony Marryatt admitted the council was unlikely to recover the money, even if the land went for quarrying.
"There is no way we will get all the money back," he said.
Councillors emphasised the buyout drew a line under noise problems at the raceway and did not set a precedent for future purchases over noise issues.
"We have been dealing with this for years. This is the pragmatic way through it. This is the finale. This is the finish," Cr Barry Corbett said.
The seven Hasketts Rd properties are in an area exposed to "unreasonable noise" from the raceway, according to a specialist report commissioned by the council.
A planning change in 1999 allowed the racetrack to operate every day, up from 120 days a year. It also raised noise limits and extended opening hours.
Residents claim the noise problems increased dramatically in about 2004 as activity grew at the raceway.
Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the council had a responsibility to resolve the problem.
"It came about because of planning issues for which the city has a real responsibility," he said.
The purchase would not increase rates as it would be funded from an existing strategic land purchase account.
Canterbury Car Club chief executive Lloyd Proctor said he welcomed the proposal in principle, but was awaiting legal advice on the plans.
Councillors also voted to cap noise levels and activity at the raceway at present levels and to use lease negotiations to impose noise limits, shorter hours and noise-free days.
The councillors voted nine to four in favour of buying the properties.
Bob Shearing, Yani Johanson, Mike Wall, Parker, Helen Broughton, Corbett, Chrissie Williams, Ngaire Button and Claudia Reid all voted in favour of the purchase. Sue Wells, Gail Sheriff, David Cox and Norm Withers voted against.
Wells said the Ruapuna noise issue was a "horrible thing to try and solve", but feared the purchase was a "slippery slope" to further buyouts.
Sheriff also opposed the buyout.
"I do not support using ratepayers' money to buy out the properties. I have struggled with it, but I would rather see another way around it," she said.
Campaign group Quieter Please issued a statement praising the decision. "We are very pleased for the owners of the seven most affected properties that after five years of horrendous living circumstances they have a result."


"They're giving it to us with both barrels now ".

Following on from the 2009 noise diary ( below ) which was getting a bit repetitive( easier perhaps to enter the days of QUIET we've had, that would take about 10 lines ) .....

While Council continues to take its sweet time with an issue that is causing genuine distress and genuine health problems the Car Clubs and users of Ruapuna continue , unbelievably, to increase their noise and activity.
So, despite knowing that their activity is causing huge problems in the community they are, in the words of locals " giving it to us with both barrels".

One has to wonder just what sort of neighbours these people think they are. The track has gone from being a benign presence in the area to a bullying and aggressive neighbour from hell.

Their refusal to try to mitigate their noise so that neighbours can gain some respite displays an attitude of disdain and arrogance and has earned this track the tag of "dinosaurs".
While tracks worldwide fall into line with safeguards regarding noise and pollution and work with local communities, this track is actually working hard ( in the hope that their "Existing Use Rights ' will be cemented in place ) to INCREASE the problem.

Shame on them.

Shame on the two car owners who on Saturday 16th May 2009 subjected households in a 5 km radius to appalling noise for the afternoon.
We understand that you like to drive fast cars, we don't understand why you can't drive quiet fast cars so that we can ALL enjoy a sunny winter's afternoon.


An Overview

In 1999 , without consideration for,or consultation with, any of the many hundreds of residents living within earshot of Ruapuna the Christchurch City Council gave the Powerbuilt Ruapuna Raceway permission to operate 365 days a year . At the same time it allowed them to more than double their noise levels.

At a time when other cities and countries are working to lessen noise pollution the Christchurch City Council abrogated their duty of care to ratepayers in this area and exposed them and their families to a regime of daily noise unequalled anywhere in this country and indeed in most countries around the world.

Even though the rules were changed in 1999 it took a while for the impact of this rule change to take effect , the activity and noise from the track increased gradually in the following years until a point was reached around 2003 that residents started to be driven to distraction by constant and appalling noise.
This "Noise Diary " one member of the community has been keeping shows just how much noise is being forced onto local ratepayers.Ruapuna Management and Council likes to try to minimise this problem by stating that they only hold " 20 -30 events a year " there, they neglect to mention the daily use of the track and weekends such as the 27th & 28th January when two small groups of people made enough noise to be heard in a 4 km radius. You can listen to examples of this noise here.
These clips are 30- 40 seconds long , try to imagine this noise being forced into your home all day, every day and sometimes until late at night.

We agree with our Council when they say : Good health is a basic human right for all people. Health is defined by the World Health organisation as a “state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003).


New Scientist article on Noise & health.

This article in the New Scientist should be required reading for lawmakers in NZ and more especially, for the Christchurch City Council.
Today , 13th January 2008 is the 12th day in a row ( so far) this year that huge amounts of noise have been forced into homes around the Ruapuna Racetrack.

Yesterday the noise started before 9.00 am and apart from about one hour at tea time, it continued until just after 10.30 pm.

The rights of residents in the area around Ruapuna to enjoy ANY quiet time at all on their own properties have been taken away by the Christchurch City Council.

Lets not forget also the track users and management, who despite knowing that all of this is causing their neighbours terrible distress, continue to force their gratuitous noise into the homes and lives of a previously supportive community.
A community of real people with real families , we are not the backdrop on a playstation race car game.

There is no point in posting, over and over again, a litany of Noise , the Noise Diary linked to on the side bar is a good representation of the levels of noise residents are forced to listen to.
The Videos ( also linked to in the sidebar) are true representations of the sound of the noise.
The only thing that has changed is the health and wellbeing of residents which is ( unsurprisingly ) plummeting.


Ruapuna Noise Rules

Post 1999 Rules Set in place in the 1999 City Plan ( NO consultation at all with local residents )
(/ii) Ruapuna Raceway

Operational noise levels of 90dBA Lmax and 65dBA L10 (1 hour)
to apply between the hours of 0900 and 2200 hours on any day of the calendar year, except that:

.for up to 200 days in any calendar year, the permitted levels
shall be 95dBA Lmax and 80dBA L10 (1 hour), between the hours of
0900 and 2300;
.for up to 15 of those 200 days, these activities shall be
permitted up to 2400 hours

On up to 5 of those 200 days, no L _max level shall be applied.

Now - look at what the World Health Organisation says about Noise Management .
You might also be interested in these Australian Noise Rules which DO take the rights of residents into consideration. This is a short version of their rules


From The Christchurch Press Nov 21st 2006

Ruapuna din 'harms mental health'
Loud noises from Ruapuna raceway could be causing mental health problems for nearby residents, a new clinical opinion suggests.
A clinical adviser from the Canterbury District Health Board has sent a letter to Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore, which said noise from the raceway had caused "significant deterioration in mood, depressive symptoms and ... high levels of stress" to those affected by the noise.
Several residents living close to Ruapuna had been referred by general practitioners to specialists after suffering problems related to "constant and excessive noise", the letter said.
The letter described residents forced to wear earmuffs, getting extra insulation, putting on loud music or leaving their houses to avoid the noise.
One family referred to the clinical adviser said the problem had started only two years ago when Ruapuna was given the go-ahead to operate 364 days per year, three times more than the previous limit of 120 days.
The letter's author, who did not wish to be named, urged the council to review decisions and asked that further consideration be given to the "impact of these decisions on the mental health of the residents".
"There is an issue for the physical and mental health of the community that needs to be addressed," the letter said.
Residents close to Ruapuna yesterday told The Press the noise from the raceway was "brutal, intrusive, and unnecessary".
One member of the residents' group Quieter Please, who did not want to be named, said this weekend's New Zealand Motorsport Summer Series would be a nightmare.
"Residents are dreading this weekend. It is not just two days of racing, there is two days of practice and a speedway event on Saturday night.
"Staying inside certainly doesn't stop it," she said.
Christchurch City Councillor Bob Shearing said the raceway operators could not be restricted.
"The operators are meeting all the standards required of them."
Shearing felt the standards were acceptable and said nothing could be done to change the raceway unless someone "goes through the process of changing the standards".
Mike Steere . Christchurch Press . November 21st 2006


Spin & Myth

On the 22nd November 2006 the following quote was printed in a Press article on the health effects of noise on residents living around Ruapuna:

Canterbury Car Club member Paul Williams s
aid the race-track was a useful and lucrative resource ............ Williams felt the availability of the track also helped in getting boy racers off the street.

This is a myth and it seems the only people who believe it ( or want to believe it ) are Ruapuna Management and Christchurch City Council.
The "boyracer' problem i
n Christchurch has never been as bad as it is now, residents in the City are being driven to distraction by their noise and antics as are residents in this area. , who often have up to 400 - 500 boy racers causing havoc late on weekend nights.

Another exerpt from The Christchurch Press ( October 2006 ) :
"Dr Simon Kingham's research into the driving habits of 200 young car enthusiasts shows that those who attend motorsport events are more likely to emulate their heroes on the streets of Christchurch than those who stay away from the events " ...... "Canterbury road policing manager, Inspector Derek Erasmus, said he was not surprised by the findings. "

"The residents in the Ruapuna area would agree with the research, with the consequential behaviour they witness after the events – local complaints always go up." .....

Here are photographs taken after the last two events held at Ruapuna which attracted large amounts of 'boyracers" :

The first photograph is of one of many accidents which occur during and after these events , a local woman narrowly missed being hit by this car as it passed another car on a corner after speeding out of Ruapuna . On the weekend of this accident Police had up to seven cars patrolling our roads to try to contain the loutish and dangerous behaviour of these "car enthusiasts ". Bottles were thrown from cars onto the roads and one resident had a bottle thrown AT him while he was clearing broken glass from his driveway.

The second photograph shows what happened after last weekend's Drift Racing when a car load of hoons stopped on their way back from Ruapuna and took the trouble to run over this letterbox.
We're not sure why Ruapuna Management think that they are curbing Christchurch's boyracer problem when all the evidence shows quite the opposite. Residents and Police can all testify to the fact that events aimed at boyracers bring nothing but trouble for this area.
Postscript(a) after nearly 4 years of sleepless nights every weekend, accompanied by property damage, arson, tagging, letterboxes being wrecked on a weekly basis and some residents too scared to leave their homes, the City Council has agreed with Police that this can't go on and has made our neighbourhood a night-time "no-go area" for boyracers on weekends and public holidays. A BIG thankyou to local Police for all their hard work and to Council Staff and Councillors for making this happen. Its amazing what a decent sleep can do !
Now Government needs to come to the party and curb this blight of "modified exhausts" so that all ratepayers can have some respite from cars that sound like spitfire airplanes.

Postscript (b)
As if we need more evidence that providing events for Boy Racers DOESN'T improve their driving behaviour : Yesterday (29th July 2007 ) Ruapuna hosted an event aimed at Boy Racers, three local residents had cause to call Police asking for help and a Police presence when cars arriving at and leaving the event were observed doing wheelies on local roads, speeds in excess of 140 kmh & chewing up grass verges in front of homes while "fishtailing" along them.
The driver of one of these cars (a gold Mitsubishi Evo with a black bonnet & the number plate THRSHT ) seems to have not realised that local roads are NOT Ruapuna's practise area.


Another"Drift" Day , Yet Another Accident

Saturday 25th August : Locals have spent all morning on the phone trying to get a Police presence in the area because our roads today are BEDLAM. Two locals phoned Police after seeing cars racing side by side on their way to "drifting" at Ruapuna, one local saw 3 cars racing side by side at one stage . LOUD "modified " cars are speeding up and down local roads, some reaching speeds of 140 - 180 kmh.
Bottles are once again being thrown from cars and one car load of boyracers, so drunk they could barely stand upright, stopped to urinate on a local's garden .. mind you, at least they stopped .

Yesterday, practise day for this event, saw cars leaving Ruapuna and heading up local shingle roads to hoon, at one stage 3 cars were seen weaving and fishtailing at high speed.

A local man out walking could have been killed as the car,pictured above, lost control on a corner, close to where he was walking , slid 400 metres up the road and hit this lampost .( knocking out power to the area ) The boy racers inside this car walked away but not before boasting to Fire Crew that their car did "200 kmh" .
"Send them to Ruapuna" is the cry we often hear , well holding events aimed at Boy Racers really DOESN'T make OUR roads any safer at all and judging by the driving behaviour we're seeing today it won't make anybodys roads safer.


..and Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Do pictures speak louder than words ?
These videos demonstrate what locals have had to listen to in the past 3 days . The first clip is the sound of two people driving their cars around and around the track at Ruapuna, this continued all day, the second clip is a very small number of cars which continued all of Sunday until rain intervened. Saturday's noise was the same level as these clips. No doubt your computer sound levels may be set differently than others - this noise was NOT a low buzzing noise , it was LOUD and could easily be heard over 3 km away.
To get a sense of how loud this actually is , you should be able to hear this video clearly from any point in your house.

Sunday's Noise:


Comment from a long time local

For the first time in well over a month locals have had a few quiet days ( cars using the track actually using decent mufflers & wet weather ) , this post was originally about the impact a bit of peace and quiet has on people , but after finishing this post , a comment arrived from a local outlining his feelings on the issue and how the noise has affected his life.
We've left in the video and will let this resident's words speak (click on "Comments" below).
Once again, for those fans of noise - who so avidly read our blog and who seem to enjoy leaving abusive or inane comments (" F*** off then you whingers " - or " how long have you lived there you moaning ****** ),we have told you before, we listen to your noise nearly every day - this is OUR Blog , you blow your noise out through your exhaust pipe every day forcing others to listen to you - you can't force us to listen to you here.
This video depicts what a day free of noise from Ruapuna is like - this is what it USED to be like in this area a lot of the time.Contrast this with video below this post - filmed in same garden with same camera


One Car

Wonder why locals have recently started to call Ruapuna " The Neighbours from Hell " ?
Up until a couple of years ago NOT ONE neighbour had a problem with this track.
Now they listen to noise virtually very single day.
Noise much like this - which continued for approximately 6 hours on Wednesday 7th March. Amazingly this was recorded approximately 3/4 kilometre away.This noise forced it's way INTO homes 2km away .This noise was clearly heard 3 km away. This noise is being made by ONE person. It is being forced into HUNDREDS of homes.