Another"Drift" Day , Yet Another Accident

Saturday 25th August : Locals have spent all morning on the phone trying to get a Police presence in the area because our roads today are BEDLAM. Two locals phoned Police after seeing cars racing side by side on their way to "drifting" at Ruapuna, one local saw 3 cars racing side by side at one stage . LOUD "modified " cars are speeding up and down local roads, some reaching speeds of 140 - 180 kmh.
Bottles are once again being thrown from cars and one car load of boyracers, so drunk they could barely stand upright, stopped to urinate on a local's garden .. mind you, at least they stopped .

Yesterday, practise day for this event, saw cars leaving Ruapuna and heading up local shingle roads to hoon, at one stage 3 cars were seen weaving and fishtailing at high speed.

A local man out walking could have been killed as the car,pictured above, lost control on a corner, close to where he was walking , slid 400 metres up the road and hit this lampost .( knocking out power to the area ) The boy racers inside this car walked away but not before boasting to Fire Crew that their car did "200 kmh" .
"Send them to Ruapuna" is the cry we often hear , well holding events aimed at Boy Racers really DOESN'T make OUR roads any safer at all and judging by the driving behaviour we're seeing today it won't make anybodys roads safer.

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