New Scientist article on Noise & health.

This article in the New Scientist should be required reading for lawmakers in NZ and more especially, for the Christchurch City Council.
Today , 13th January 2008 is the 12th day in a row ( so far) this year that huge amounts of noise have been forced into homes around the Ruapuna Racetrack.

Yesterday the noise started before 9.00 am and apart from about one hour at tea time, it continued until just after 10.30 pm.

The rights of residents in the area around Ruapuna to enjoy ANY quiet time at all on their own properties have been taken away by the Christchurch City Council.

Lets not forget also the track users and management, who despite knowing that all of this is causing their neighbours terrible distress, continue to force their gratuitous noise into the homes and lives of a previously supportive community.
A community of real people with real families , we are not the backdrop on a playstation race car game.

There is no point in posting, over and over again, a litany of Noise , the Noise Diary linked to on the side bar is a good representation of the levels of noise residents are forced to listen to.
The Videos ( also linked to in the sidebar) are true representations of the sound of the noise.
The only thing that has changed is the health and wellbeing of residents which is ( unsurprisingly ) plummeting.

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