Do Mentally Ill People Not Matter ?

As noise from the track increases , locals continue to wonder and worry about the " Community House " for mentally ill people situated on Hasketts Road, virtually over the road from the racetrack .

While locals can ( and are often forced to ) leave home for the day , or the weekend ( or during the night when speedway is on ) the poor 'clients' in the Community House ( Birchwood ) are stuck there , forced to cope with noise levels way above recommended WHO levels .

Who is really looking after these people ? Are their families even aware of the noise that their children or siblings are forced to endure every day ? When a neighbour asked a staff member, back in 2008, how they coped with the noise the reply was " I don't have to live here so I don't worry " !

The property housing these poor people is closer than most of the other properties bought out by Council in 2009 . People living further away suffered hugely before they shifted away, depression was the number one illness amongst residents but we all know that 3 people from the other six bought out houses suffered strokes while living there .

Does anybody care about the residents of this " Community House "  or are they going to be added to the long list of people affected by a racetrack & Council which cares little for the surrounding community and is interested only in making as much noise as possible so as to try to prove and hold on to their " existing use rights " ?

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