"They're giving it to us with both barrels now ".

Following on from the 2009 noise diary ( below ) which was getting a bit repetitive( easier perhaps to enter the days of QUIET we've had, that would take about 10 lines ) .....

While Council continues to take its sweet time with an issue that is causing genuine distress and genuine health problems the Car Clubs and users of Ruapuna continue , unbelievably, to increase their noise and activity.
So, despite knowing that their activity is causing huge problems in the community they are, in the words of locals " giving it to us with both barrels".

One has to wonder just what sort of neighbours these people think they are. The track has gone from being a benign presence in the area to a bullying and aggressive neighbour from hell.

Their refusal to try to mitigate their noise so that neighbours can gain some respite displays an attitude of disdain and arrogance and has earned this track the tag of "dinosaurs".
While tracks worldwide fall into line with safeguards regarding noise and pollution and work with local communities, this track is actually working hard ( in the hope that their "Existing Use Rights ' will be cemented in place ) to INCREASE the problem.

Shame on them.

Shame on the two car owners who on Saturday 16th May 2009 subjected households in a 5 km radius to appalling noise for the afternoon.
We understand that you like to drive fast cars, we don't understand why you can't drive quiet fast cars so that we can ALL enjoy a sunny winter's afternoon.

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