Ruapuna Noise Rules

Post 1999 Rules Set in place in the 1999 City Plan ( NO consultation at all with local residents )
(/ii) Ruapuna Raceway

Operational noise levels of 90dBA Lmax and 65dBA L10 (1 hour)
to apply between the hours of 0900 and 2200 hours on any day of the calendar year, except that:

.for up to 200 days in any calendar year, the permitted levels
shall be 95dBA Lmax and 80dBA L10 (1 hour), between the hours of
0900 and 2300;
.for up to 15 of those 200 days, these activities shall be
permitted up to 2400 hours

On up to 5 of those 200 days, no L _max level shall be applied.

Now - look at what the World Health Organisation says about Noise Management .
You might also be interested in these Australian Noise Rules which DO take the rights of residents into consideration. This is a short version of their rules

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