We pay Rates for THIS ?

Saturday 16th September - Drift Racing at Ruapuna

Saturday Morning 7.30 am : Neighbours not already up are awoken by the PA System at Ruapuna , soon afterwards at 7.45 am the first of the days 'customers' arrive - two car loads of Boy Racers who speed up and down local roads in the usual thuggishly loud cars, they slow down to do some practise drifts outside homes then one car stops and its driver vomits in the driveway of a neighbour . Don't mind us , we just live here.

It's not even nine in the morning and ratepayers in a 2-3 km radius have to listen to inane conversation and comments broadcast into our properties and homes from the PA System at Ruapuna.

Cars continue to arrive most of them sporting exhaust pipes especially fitted to make MORE noise - no such things as mufflers with these people ( what is it they say about blokes that drive loud cars ? - what IS that about ? ) . All we can hear now is a seemingly endless stream of loud cars and booming car stereos and this is just the spectators.

The Drift racing starts - squealing tyres (with toxic smoke rising in clouds from the overheated rubber ) , horrendously loud exhausts, and somebody screaming a commentary through the PA system .... and its only 10 am.
Neighbours who later phone Ruapuna to complain about being woken at 7.30 am are told that "it didn't happen "
" Noise Control " fails to act on complaints about PA system at 7.30 am but later admits to " having got it wrong "

Two nearby households have already left their homes for the day and soon we shall be leaving, the noise is unbearable , depressing, stressful and inescapable. I'm sitting inside with all doors and windows shut and their noise invades my home. We shall stay away until around 5.30 pm.

This video shows Drift Racing at Ruapuna - an example of noise the ChCh City Council deems is safe for us to listen to 365 days a year.
As an aside, check out the toxic smoke Drift Racing emits on that video - how DOES the ChCh City Council justify making ratepayers switch from woodburners to keep our air clean when they permit this to happen ?

Neighbours listened to noise all day yesterday, today... and tomorrow* we will be listening to more noise.

*Sunday 17 th Sept- Car racing but the Gods are kind to those most affected and the wind blows a lot of the noise away.
Monday 18th Sept - Cars on track off and on all day
Tuesday 19th Sept - Cars on track most of today - the noise is brutal, it is clearly heard on Yaldhurst Road three kms away and in Templeton Township - since 9.15 am there have been 3 or 4 obscenely loud cars circuiting the track - the noise finally stops at 5.55 pm - more than 8 hours of noise

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Gunther said...

Don't you have laws in your Country that ensure property owners get a good amount of peace and quiet on their own land ? I thought New Zealand was supposed to be" clean & Green " ! The Noise Rules - shown in your other post -are APPALLING