About us

Giddaye !

Let us tell you a little about our Community:

  • We are a diverse group of people, who up until a few years ago had never protested, written a letter to an editor , or had cause to complain about the place we live in.
  • Our community includes people who are self employed, shift workers, office workers, retirees, public servants, engineers and farmers
  • Two of our community have done volunteer work - in the past - for Motor Racing Facilities ( marshalling, building projects etc )
  • We live in both the rural area around Templeton and in the Templeton Township itself
  • We have lived in this area for ... 20 years, 38 years, 7 years, 17 years, "generations", 33 years, 83 years, 55 years , 5 years ,"was born here 50 years ago" etc etc - so please don't tell us to "leave if we don't like it " - our families, friends and roots are here in this area.
  • Up until about 3 years ago not ONE of us had ever laid a complaint about Ruapuna - or had cause to complain, for that matter.
  • We have really grown to dislike Noise Bullies - yes, bullies - who force their noise into other people's lives .


Anonymous said...

Is your group interested in fighting all kinds of noise, or is it working on one noise source? Do you have enough research on the adverse health effects of noise to back your complaints?

Quieter Please said...

At present we are very busy fighting this one ( major )source of noise, we have studied health effects ( and have spoken to Noise Experts from the U.S. ) and of course we have first hand evidence of ill health within our community. We have to say though that since this has happened to us we have all become very aware of Noise Pollution in general

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do people like you moved to this area full well knowing that there was a speedway there,and as with everything expansion is higly likely,therefore one would assume you knew in all likelyhood there may be more noise.I also note that this place is very close to the airport,and on the flight path.The airport plane movements have also increased in the time you speak of.Let's be honest,you are just another "not in my backyarder".IF I were in your position I'd move.

Templeton Resident said...

I have volunteered to reply to your "comments" on behalf of a LOT of people out here
Why oh WHY don't people like you learn to read ? My family has lived here since well BEFORE the speedway was moved here ( because it was too noisy in its last area )
There isn't just a speedway here, there is also an Open Track, a Drag Strip and a Mini Car track - in case you hadn't noticed
There are also: Prisons, Flight Paths, railway lines, power pylons and sex offenders units and now noise 365 days a year.. how DARE you call us Nimbys, you pompous twat, we have the stuff in OUR neighbourhood that the rest of Christchurch doesn't want to know about.
That doesn't mean that we are going to take all of this noise also

Anonymous said...

Can you lobby the government for help? All the best with your fight!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps with Ronnie the Mayor spitting the dummy because people were being horrible to him, the next Mayor might(!) take some notice of us Templeton folk and do something about the excessive noise pollution that clouds the sky for 365 days of the year!!

sick oyster said...

The Council when advised of the current noise fest go through the motions of "looking into it" or "sending someone out to monitor the noise level", when all along they have no intention of doing either.! Well you would'nt would you, not when you are contributing financially towards it yourself and reaping some kind of "kick-back"!.