Listen for yourself

Tuesday 26th September - locals have had to listen to noise every single day for the past week ... which is nothing new . Overseas Noise Pollution Experts call this "outrageous ".

This Noise is deemed to be acceptable for us to be exposed to ...365 days a year .. by the Christchurch City Council.
This video was shot on a cheap-ish camera - outside a home within 3km of Ruapuna. The noise is being made by 2-3 cars. This noise carried on ALL DAY

There are hundreds of people living in the area around Ruapuna who are affected by the noise these 2-3 drivers are making ..what's the bet the drivers are wearing earplugs ?

Yesterday (Monday 25th September) noise even louder than this was inflicted on to locals for 8 hours.
Close your eyes and imagine this every day - up to 8 hours a day ( sometimes 14 hours a day ) invading your home.
We are very reasonable people, despite having this level of noise forced into our homes & properties for nearly THREE YEARS - this is all that we are asking the Christchurch City Council to do.


long time resident said...

I live in templeton village.Its Saturday, 7th October.I have been listening to noise from that bloody place for most of today.If they weren't so arrogant and used mufflers maybe it would be better but this is ridiculous. The place has definitely GOT WORSE. I see lots of houses for sale here recently - i wonder why ?

Granny said...

October 8th and not the quiet saturday you want as the noise is right in our faces once again it is a lovely day to be out in the garden but ruined by the roar of motors.
I have lived out in Templeton for 26 years and when we first moved the speedway ran every once in a while but now it is a constant noise sometimes every day.