Late January

Thursday 25th : Loud Cars on the track ALL DAY
Thursday Night - Speedway until 11.30 PM ( Loud enough to be heard in Prebbleton)
Friday 26th : Loud cars on the track all day
Saturday 27th : Loud cars on the track all day
Saturday Night : Speedway until 11.00 PM ( Loud enough to be heard in Prebbleton)
Sunday 28th January : Loud cars on track ALL DAY
Monday 29th January: 1-2 loud cars on track all day ( once again a single car which could be heard outside the Cookietime Factory Shop on the Main South Road )
The previous week, noise from Motorcycle racing and practise continued for 3-4 days in a row - this was so loud it was audible over 5 km away at times.
This level of noise is happening because the rules concerning noise from Ruapuna are SO liberal that this is actually permissable, unlike other Countries ( and indeed other cities in NZ ) which have regulated Noise producing Racetracks so that residents living nearby are afforded some protection and respite from noise.
Residents who for decades lived alongside Ruapuna with no complaints have now had their lives affected to the point that some of them are suffering health problems because of the continual noise.
On January 30th the noise continued from the Open Track at Ruapuna but thankfully at a lower level .
January 31st delivered loud noise from both the Open Track AND Speedway throughout the day, until 6.00 pm when the driver of an incredibly loud car finally tired of driving around the Open Track . No doubt he then headed home for some peace and quiet.

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