Goodwill to all ... ?

Xmas eve.... a time usually given to quiet nights with family and early nights for children who head to bed to sleep and await Santa's arrival .

Not for 2-3 Powerbuilt Speedway members, who at about 6 pm decided to roar around the track on bikes until well after dark ( about 10 pm) keeping children awake and enhancing their reputation as "neighbours from hell".
Thanks also for running the grader on your track ALL day on Boxing Day, a day treasured by most Kiwis as a day on which to quietly relax . Very considerate.

Then , in another great example of " how to be the perfect neighbours-from-hell " , on December 27th at 7.15 in the morning , a lone but LOUD motorcyclist hit the Powerbuilt Speedway track, waking up locals as far away as 1.5 km. There's a word for people like this but we won't use it here.

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Fed up Templeton Resident said...

I live in the middle of the Templeton township .I listened to this crowd about a week before Christmas until 11.30 at night.In the end I rang Noise Control. I'd listened to some event all of that day and all I could hear was squealing tyres and loud exhausts. Then we got Speedway until 11.30 ! After listening to speedway until 11.30 pm they then held a bloody fireworks display ! idiots ! Don't they know there are horses all around them ?
The arrogance of these people is unbelievable. My message to Ruapuna : Keep your bloody noise to yourselves !