Our MP comes to listen & the Mayor gets a letter

Another weekend has passed . Since our last blog, the only respite we have had from noise has been on days when it rained.
Last week we listened to noise every day and on friday, saturday and sunday ( 13th,14th & 15th October ) we listened to noise for an average of 7 hours a day.
On Friday the noise was so bad many locals phoned Noise Control, on Saturday the noise went from lunchtime until 6.30 pm and on Sunday the noise started at 9.30 am and continued until about 4 pm.
On Sunday the 15th October our local MP ( Brian Connell ) visited a few local homes and heard for himself the appalling levels we have to put up with. Despite a strong wind moderating the noise a bit, Brian was able to see for himself that this is NOT a minor problem.
We had also extended an invitation to Christchurch City Councillors to come out this weekend to meet locals and visit homes affected by noise. We received NO replies, or visits, from Councillors.

Brian was also shown a letter written by an employee of Canterbury's Mental Health Services to Gary Moore the Mayor of Christchurch, which states in part .." the referrals have indicated a significant deterioration in mood, depressive symptons and suffering from high levels of stress, the cause being them having extreme difficulty managing the constant and excessive noise generated by nearby Ruapuna Raceway Track ."

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Aussie tourists. said...

This is one of the worst noise pollution cases I've ever heard about, and we are a global network. What is Mr Connell going to do about it? What about your Prime Minister - Helen Clarke - is she aware that her citizens are suffering in this way? I feel shocked this can be allowed to happenin N.Z. It would NEVER happen in Australia! What is wrong with your politicians? Who are these insensitive, uncaring individuals who are allowing people to become psychologically debilitated from invasive noise? Who would want to visit Christchurch, knowing that your government is allowing its own citizens to suffer from noise torture? And we all know that noise is indeed TORTURE. We have a big network in Australia: and we'll be advising all our friends to steer clear of New Zealand if they don't treat these long-suffering citizens like human beings.
Noise which intrudes dwellings is a very serious health issue: Where is your Public Health authority? Don't they protect their citizens from the adverse health effects of environmental noise? In the year 2006, it is clear that one individual's perceived rights (or group of individuals) to force-feed noise into someone else's premises no longer outweighs the rights of those WHO DO NOT WANT IT, to say NO.