Talkback & Noise

Following another article in The Christchurch Press , Christchurch talkback hummed for a while with calls about noise from Ruapuna.
A few local residents called Ali Jones and spoke of the effects of the increase in noise and their anger at Council for allowing this to happen.

Ali also took calls from members of various car clubs , one gem of a caller stated that he could hear Speedway from his home at Church Corner and it didn't bother him ! ( Church Corner is a good ten minute drive from Ruapuna ) - if he can hear it from his house how does he think the callers from Templeton feel about it ?

A Drag Club member trotted out the tired old argument about "how long have people lived there " - we note that he didn't mention the Templeton Golf Course which was there 30 years BEFORE Ruapuna and the Templeton Township has been here since 1861. Most of the homes in the rural area around Ruapuna have been there since the 1960's and some have been there since the 1950's , indeed a high percentage of present residents have been here since BEFORE Ruapuna was dumped out here, we are tired of listening to the noise from what is now being called " the neighbour from hell ".

Ali also took a call from a self described " motor racing nut " who said he ate, drank and breathed motor racing .." there wouldn't be a bigger motor racing man than me " he said , BUT he thought that Ruapuna were not behaving as Good Neighbours should and weren't giving local residents a "fair go". He also observed that there was absolutely no planting around the facility to mitigate noise and that the facility had gotten too noisy for its present situation.

We agree .

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