A bouquet ... and a brickbat ( 11/11/2006 )

This post was originally titled " A Bouquet " but we've since added a brickbat, the paragraph immediately below was written on the evening of Thursday 9th November :
Since Monday 6th November locals have enjoyed an unprecedented FOUR days in a row of QUIET - this is due in part to rain but also because Audi have been hiring the track to test these vehicles.
How utterly pleasant to have vehicles using this track which are very quiet and can't be heard for miles around - what a difference it makes to the lives of locals.

A Brickbat to the owners/ drivers of the two VERY loud cars who couldn't even shut up for a minute on Armistice Day at 11.11 am , people as far away as Templeton heard your noise as they tried to observe a minutes silence .

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