Letter to Motor Racing Fans

( Originally blogged in 2006)
This Blog is not anti-motor racing.
This Blog is about Noise & Nuisance
The inescapable fact about most motor racing is that it is NOISY.
In fact it is one of the noisiest pastimes in the world.

For that reason alone we believe that in allowing these liberal noise rules the Christchurch City Council has failed in its duty to Ratepayers in this area to protect us from excessive noise, and that it has exposed us to levels that, at best, have taken away our right to enjoy our properties and at worst, are dangerous.

We don't want to close Ruapuna down.

We have all lived alongside Ruapuna for years and decades and NEVER laid a complaint until we started to be bombarded with Noise every day and every weekend.

You're welcome to check out a noise diary kept by a local resident

We think that even the most passionate Car or Bike Enthusiast would not begrudge us the right to a fair amount of peace and quiet on our own properties, the same peace & quiet you are entitled to in YOUR homes.

Please take the time to read the posts on this site and to educate yourself about this issue.


Anonymous said...

i thought u guys were a bunch of wingers but after reading this even i think u have a case. i like racing but this wud drive me crazy after a while. good blog

Anonymous said...

I'm an out of towner, from Oz actually, came to visit last weekend for my primary school reunion, and visited an old friend who lives in Templeton village. He had told me about the noise problems they were having, but I have to say that quite honestly I was shocked by the noise. Forget the alfresco dining. I don't know the ins and outs of decibels etc, but I have to tell you the noise level was quite unacceptable. To think that Templetonians have to put up with this every weekend and often every weekday is disgusting. I can't understand why their elected representatives aren't doing something about this. It would be enough to give me a nervous breakdown.

Those of you who live in another part of Christchurch should take a drive down to Templeton and see what these residents are putting up with. Its an eye (and ear) opener.