One Car

Wonder why locals have recently started to call Ruapuna " The Neighbours from Hell " ?
Up until a couple of years ago NOT ONE neighbour had a problem with this track.
Now they listen to noise virtually very single day.
Noise much like this - which continued for approximately 6 hours on Wednesday 7th March. Amazingly this was recorded approximately 3/4 kilometre away.This noise forced it's way INTO homes 2km away .This noise was clearly heard 3 km away. This noise is being made by ONE person. It is being forced into HUNDREDS of homes.


Andy P. said...

What a find ! Googling Ruapuna to find out who runs the bloody place when I found your site.
I live in West Melton and drive past that hell hole called ruapuna most days on my way to town.
One thing that i'm hot under the collar about is their bloody wasting of water.The other day, when it reached 32 degrees and there was a howling Nor'wester blowing, those idiots had their sprinklers going ! This isn't the first time i've seen this, in fact they're so uneducated about things GREEN that they only seem to water on HOT days. Now I know that this is a bit off your topic but by hell I get angry at their stupidity ! While most of us work to conserve water ( and fossil fuels ) these bloody dinosaurs while away their empty days squandering both.
Now onto your problem - I live near West Melton and sometimes I can hear their bloody cars on the track ! I drove past the other day to see a dense blue smokey haze hanging over the entire area so I parked and watched a bunch of cars roaring and squealing around the track, some idiots "driving" souped up ( loud ) cars round and round in a circle while testosterone filled yokels whooped in delight .How shallow must your life be when this is your entertainment? (What IS it about having to drive a loud car ? Does your whole neighborhood really have to know when you arrive and depart? A physchologist would suggest its to compensate for certain small body parts , and i'd tend to agree )
This activity is certifiable noise pollution and an environmental hazard
Like the Dinosaurs these people will have to adapt or die out !

Quieter Please said...

If you read our Blog you will see that most residents out here don't have a big problem with motor racing per se, what they ARE angry about is that a facility that produces so much noise is allowed to operate 365 days a year.
Most people in the rural area around Ruapuna are on "well water " and those of us in the township are on "town supply " it's pretty obvious to MOST people that you don't water in a nor'wester, or in the heat of the day - many would question why grass needs to be watered anyway - grass goes yellow in summer drought conditions, that's the way it is.

Also - that "blue smokey haze " was from Drift Racing - that 'smoke' is from overheated tyres.