2 emails - 2 opinions

After a small leaflet drop in Templeton we received, amongst others, the two emails below. We have taken out any identifying details but otherwise they are reproduced word for word ( so don't blame us for bad spelling !)

Email #1
To whom it may concern;
You will either hate what I am about to say,or respect sombody elses
I have several points to bring up regarding your mail drops in the Templeton
1:you must have known of the existance of Ruapuna before you moved into the
area,therefore surely you took this into account,so why complain about a
facility that was there first.
2:If you failed to consider the noise generated by a motor racing facility
then either a;you just plain made a mistake,or b;you are ignorant beyond
3:The reason you are not getting much response from council is that there is
millions of dollars tied up in the facility and 99% of the population of the
south island are aware that it is there and would not move into the area if
they had sensitive hearing or were highly stressed individuals.
4:if you bought a house in the area without realising how noisy motor racing
is,you made a mistake.You should accept that and if it is that much of an
issue then MOVE to a more pieceful area.
10: MOVE
Best Regards and good luck re-locating,
( Name deleted for privacy )

Email #2
Dear Quiet Please
I got your leaflet in our letterbox today and believe me I already do ring Noise Control !
My husband and I have lived in this township for many - many years. (At present we live in ******* ) We were here well before that noisy place was put there. For many years we just ignored it, it wasn't on very often and we, like most people around here, just accepted the situation. However in the past few years we have noticed an increase in both the frequency and noise levels of Ruapuna and believe me, we don't have young ears! Last week I tossed and turned for what felt like hours before I leapt from my bed and phoned Noise Control at 11.30 pm on a Thursday night. My memory isn't quite what it used to be but i'm fairly sure they used to stop at 10 pm until a few years ago.
Often when I am out in my garden during the week or if I am out walking , I can hear some bored person with too much money roaring around and around that track monotonously and as you can see from my address I don't live that close to the track either !
I know that some in this township badmouth your group , making comments such as " if they don't like it then they should move" or " they shouldn't have moved into the area" What exactly do these people want ? A 5 mile exclusion zone around that track ? The fact of the matter is that most houses in this area have been here since well before Ruapuna became a carbuncle on our landscape and before the noise reached epidemic proportions ( and even if they haven't been, so what ? ) Nobody should be entitled to inflict that amount of noise onto neighbours. If they have enough money to race cars why don't attach decent mufflers as well ?
I'm sorry if I sound angry, but the fact is, I am angry, this USED to be a good quiet Rural township and now Garry Moore and his chums have handed over our rights to car racing folk, who in the main, head home to quiet areas once they've made their noise in our area.
My husband and I are appreciative of your group's efforts as are quite a few people here, the problem is that many people don't like to stand up out from the crowd and others like to complain but not DO anything, I think we fall somewhere between the two so many thanks for your efforts.
Keep up the good work
( Name deleted for privacy )

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Anonymous said...

One day people here are going to wake up and find their property prices have slumped because of this noise. Can anyone tell me what happened to the Halswell Go Karts being moved into our area ? ( I seem to recall Bob Shearing being behind that move )
I see we're in for yet another noisy weekend here with the Skope races, I agree with the person in the 2nd email , if they can afford to race cars how come they can't afford mufflers . I bet they wear earplugs when they're driving their cars. My neighbour suggested that if they like loud cars so much they should download loud engine noises onto an ipod and play that INSIDE their cars , good thinking.
I respect their right to race cars , I just think they have no respect for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident in the Templeton area and recently received a flyer in my letterbox regarding the noise from the Ruapuna Complex. This group has my wholehearted support. I regularly phone noise control as this situation is getting totally out of hand. To my way of thinking the City Plan MUST be re-visited if the well-being of local residents' is being grossly affected.I would suggest that as there were few complaints before the City Plan was altered that residents' did NOT realise that their right to phone Noise Control was not limited to barking dogs and stereo noise. Therefore I urge EVERYONE who is affected to phone Christchucrh City Council Noise control and voice their concerns no matter whether weekday or weekend day, daytime or evening. Without this notification how can those Councillors know the problem is ongoing and escalating.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have lived in this area for just over 16 years.We have children at the local school.
We too are tired of the noise and we would like to add our support to those working ON OUR BEHALF. My mother was nearly run off the road a few weeks ago by an idiot coming out of Ruapuna at high speed. Those living closer have our sympathy but its not that pleasant for those of us further away also.
It NEVER used to be this bad and we NEVER used to have a problem with the place. We SURE do now though.I agree that these people have no respect for this community, they have to remember that we live here,the great majority of them don't i'll bet. Council seems to be hoping that everyone out here will just sell up and leave.
Maybe we should start up a collection at the local dairy for a few mufflers for these "poor" car racers ?

Anonymous said...

I note that our local pool is under threat of closure due to 'lack of funds'. At the same time Ruapuna has received over $350,000 in funding from Council.I know which facility i'd rather Council used our rates money on.It seems that Council is happy to prop up a facility which is pretty darned pollutant really, while at the same time letting our pool decline.I'd rather my children were able to walk to a local pool and partake in a healthy pastime like swimming outdoors than have this amount of money being tipped into a facilaty on our doorstep which really brings no benefit to OUR community at all.
I also object to being kept awake till close to midnight by speedway, I suspect no one would have a problem with it if they finished at a more respectable hour as they used to in the good old days.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you all know why they named your suburbs :
if you can't work it out just read the first letters. Ruapuna was put out there and not in Cashmere ,for a reason morons.
If you don't like the noise then I suggest you move UP in the world.
We happen to LOVE noise and that track is there for us to make it, as far as i'm concerned 365 days isn't enough !

QP said...

We have received a few comments from Speedway fans, who, it seems HAVEN'T taken the trouble to read the post addressed to Motor Racing Fans ( really people, tut tut, work yourselves into a lather if you like, but if you could read you would see that residents out here are actually being very reasonable in what they are asking, and what they are saying is that 365 days is TOO much

We also prefer not to be always adding your comments onto OUR Blog, after all, we listen to you enough as it is.
However, so that we can't be accused of not listening to you ( oh the irony !) we've published your comments above.